The road to 0.30

Working on the next update, 0.26. The update will follow the same style of "plow through the features on the roadmap first and ask questions later". This includes finally getting hunting working again, taming of creatures/ keeping livestock, improving the room system to allow not completely enclosed rooms and to have temperature implemented for rooms. Also defensive buildings in the form of a ballista, catapult, and burning oil.

The goal is to finish that by the end of March. The focus for April will then be on fixing bugs, balancing, and polishing. 

The improved room system

Currently rooms just add up the value of all the items in the room. The requirement to enclose everything with doors is also quite restrictive.  With the addition of livestock, that just doesn't cut it. There also isn't really any reason to have a nice room for your workshops. This has to be balanced with not making the early game too difficult.

  • Shelter. Wet workshops produce lower quality items.
  • Light. Sunlight or torch. Workers will not use workshop if it is too dark. Sunlit rooms (rooms with windows) give a small bonus to mood.
  • Temperature. Rooms tend towards ideal temperature. Wall material matters for thermal conductivity with stronger materials being better insulated. Colonists more sensitive to temperature when they're sleeping.
  • Penalty for multiple workshops or beds in same room. Different workshops in the same room affects quality.
  • Corridors affect mood. Colonists get a mood bonus from walking past nice rooms.
  • Enclosed. Non-enclosed rooms will be at the same temperature as the outside.
  • Size, furniture, and decorative items. Affects room qualitity.

New Buildings

  • Animal Pen. New building for taming of animals. For a start, only bunnies and a new wooly animal will be tamable. Taming involves just hitting the animal over the head and carrying it back to a free animal pen. Collect a male and female and they'll reproduce by themselves. Animal breeders will harvest the wool and you can set the maximum number of animals in the pen through the pen's info panel. Excess animals will be slaughtered. The pen requires a water source nearby for the animals to drink and a fenced off area with grass for food.
  • Ballista. Static defensive building. Needs to be manned and bolts need to be made for it.
  • Catapult. Static defensive building. Needs to be manned and blocks need to be made for it. Fires in a high trajectory and damages both ground and anyone caught in the blast radius. Higher level enemies will be able to build catapults.
  • Burning Oil. Releases oil. Oil uses the same physics as water. Some care will be needed to not end up burning everyone. The water system now keeps track of temperature.

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